Experience WWD: Our last event

October 2018 saw WWD’s biggest ever event with over 120 guests in attendance! The theme of the day was ‘Truth about Confidence’, and the event featured a morning workshop with Jules Wyman and afternoon session with keynote speaker Shola Kaye, with both sharing their experiences and advice on tackling issues around confidence.

on Dec 13, 03:49 PM

Jules Wyman is a successful confidence coach and speaker who has featured on BBC Breakfast talking about what is happiness and what can you do to make yourself happy, and has recently been voted Britain’s Next Top Female Coach. Jules has spent thousands of hours studying confidence, self-belief and the human brain, to understand how anyone can get to that ‘better’ place. Her workshop truly resonated with the audience and WWD received fantastic feedback around Jules session, particularly around her honest, open approach, and her thought-provoking content which was relatable and engaging for all.

In the afternoon we heard from Shola Kaye, a multi-award winning public speaker and trainer, and an international performer. Shola has been featured in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, and Marie Claire, whilst also working with the BBC and TedX. The audience discovered how to be a DIVA at public speaking, by becoming Dynamic, Inspiring, Valuable and Authentic, and provided advice around bouncing back from rejection, how to stop striving for perfection and how to stop being a people-pleaser. Shola also provided 7 tips to deal with negative feedback, including giving thanks for the attention, weigh it up, and there will always be haters!

A truly fantastic day where our guests left the session feeling inspired, motivated, and most importantly with a greater understanding of how to unlock their confidence! The next event will be on International Women’s Day on Friday 8th March 2018 – look out for further details!