Our next event: Loving your career and development

October’s Women with Drive (WWD) event is all about taking control of your career, and setting yourself up to achieve your goals.

on Sep 26, 03:07 PM

The next WWD event is set to take place on 12 October at Manchester’s MacDonald Hotel, with a packed line up that’s designed to inspire and motivate attendees.

We’ll kick off with a workshop focussed on loving your career and development. It’s all about taking responsibility for your own career, setting goals, and developing the skills you need to achieve them.

In the afternoon, we’ll be joined by Penny Mallory, the first woman in the world to compete in a World Rally Car. Penny will share the ups and downs of her story from ‘homeless waster’ to ‘Rally Champion’ and show that there is no limit to what you can achieve with will, determination, focus and commitment.

Having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro herself, Penny may also have some words of wisdom for the ten strong team of women from Cox Automotive who will trek to the top of Africa’s highest mountain in 2018.

Feedback from previous attendees

“I love attending WWD and hearing about the many talented, skilled women in a diverse range of roles that we have in our business. It gives me an opportunity to network, discuss a wide range of topics, and seek advice from colleagues when I need it.”

“In particular I’ve enjoyed the inspirational women speakers who have told their stories on overcoming obstacles to get to where they are today. From the first female fighter pilot combating sexism to our Canadian CEO admitting she knew nothing about automotive in her first automotive role!”

Gillian Lomax, Head of Client Experience, Cox Automotive

“The Women with Drive event is a great experience supporting Cox Automotive’s diversity value. It promotes gender diversity, which is still an issue in an industry that is male dominated. We all carry unconscious bias and these events spotlight the issue and provide inspirational speeches that allow us to strip away stereotypical views about the roles we take in life and highlight our capabilities.

“The events provide a strong sense of self-belief that anything is possible with the right mind set. It’s not just for women either, inclusivity means everyone and all are welcome and will benefit from these exciting, thought provoking and motivational sessions.”

Stuart Miles, Business Development Director, Cox Automotive

“I’ve attended all but one of these events and they have all been massively inspirational.

“Each session has a really great mix of inspiring leaders from within the industry talking from the heart about their career story and values, together with inspirational external speakers who have overcome all kinds of diversity issues (not just gender related) to reach their full potential, from female fighter pilots to pacific ocean rowing teams to quadriplegic snowboarding!

“Alongside this there have been some really thought provoking workshop sessions designed to build confidence – interestingly, male attendees get every bit as much out of these sessions as the women.”

Jacqui Marchesi, Customer Experience Manager, Cox Automotive

“I find the Women with Drive events just amazing!!! It’s a great way to network with other team members from across the group and the guest speakers and focus areas for the day make me feel more empowered and confident in the male dominated environment we operate in.

“The last event where we discussed mental toughness really made me think about ensuring I had the right support to help me deal with difficult situations, and to help me raise my profile in my new role.”

Tina Wareing, General Manager, Manheim Haydock